Drivers Less Safe in Popular India Built Cars According to Crash Tests

crash testDrivers choosing popular small cars built in India are less safe than they should be according to a study by UK based safety watchdog Global NCAP.  The tests concluded that if the five cars tested that failed their crash tests were involved in an accident that the occupants inside were in risk of serious injuries or a fatal injury.

The car safety test by Global NCAP involved five popular models including the Suzuki-Maruti Alto 800, the Tata Nano, Ford Figo, Hyundai i10 and the Volkswagen Polo.  The Tata Nano is the world’s cheapest car.  The five models account for 20% of all sales in India last year.

The cars were apparently made cheaper for manufacturing by removing many of the safety features that would be found in other car models by the same manufacturers.  None of the five models were fitted in manufacturing with airbags that would be standard on most models in Europe, Canada and America.

Max Mosley, head of NCAP Global, said, “It’s worrying to see levels of safety that are 20 years behind the five-star standards now common in Europe and North America.

“Poor structural integrity and the absence of airbags are putting the lives of Indian consumers at risk. They have a right to know how safe their vehicles are and to expect the same basic levels of safety as standard as customers in other part of the world.”

Young drivers are the most likely to be involved in a car accident within the first year of their driving solo.  It is this reason that they should be behind the wheel of the safest car possible.  Parents are encouraged by safety experts to look for cars that have safety features when choosing one for their young driver.


Telematics Car Insurance Simplifies Car Cover for Good

telematics car insuranceDriving a car on UK roadways carries with it many privileges, but those privileges do not come without a cost.  Obtaining a driver licence carries a cost, as well as driver training.  But there is another cost which is attached to driving.  It is the cost of car insurance.  Many drivers consider obtaining cover to be difficult and cumbersome.  There is now a product available which changes the industry and therefore many driver opinions forever.  It is known as telematics pay as you drive car insurance.

Telematics car insurance simplifies the car insurance process for good.  It is changing the industry like nothing ever has.  It is the first car insurance which helps drivers by offering them a scheme to help them save money each month.

Telematics car insurance comes with a scheme based on safe driving.  This scheme is unique due to it being based on earning rewards as you drive.  A special piece of hardware is installed in the insured car which monitors driving habits.  These habits are monitored so drivers are able to prove they can handle their car with safety in mind.

Habits like acceleration, braking and cornering are monitored as well as others.  Car cover is now simpler than ever.  A driver simply needs to drive a car with safety in mind in order to take advantage of valuable rewards offered by insurers.

As insurers see drivers handle cars with safety in mind, those drivers are presented with valuable rewards in the form of discounts applied to future monthly car insurance costs.

Telematics car insurance has made car cover simple like never before.  It can be purchased online at any time.

Car Insurance Policies Continue Cost Decline

car insurance costs fallCar insurance has declined for British drivers 9% in the past year.  The Association of British Insurers (ABI) released their latest quarterly index of car insurance costs revealing that the average premium for comprehensive coverage over the last three months reduced by £36 year on year at £370.  The reduction, according to experts, is due to tightening of the industry on false whiplash claims as well as the fact that consumers are being better shoppers seeking out better pricing.

James Dalton, with ABI, said “Insurers are fulfilling the commitment they made to the government to pass savings from changes to the civil litigation system to hard-pressed motorists through lower car insurance premiums.”

The ABI added that consumers are shopping for policies more than they are shopping for mobile phone contracts.  In a survey consumers admitted to considering policies from more than one car insurance provider before choosing a policy to purchase.  This is creating a more competitive market in the car insurance industry and the result is competitive pricing.

Drivers are advised that with lower pricing on car insurance policies on the market shopping for a new policy should be done.  If a driver is paying on an older loyalty held policy then they are likely paying a rate that was offered at a time when pricing for policies was higher.  Experts encourage drivers to consider telematics car insurance when shopping for a policy.  This product offers an opportunity for drivers to save more by being a safe driver.

When seeking out a new policy drivers should review the needs for coverage and make sure that any policy involves quality coverage when making a choice.  Finding a more affordable policy is important but a driver should not put aside coverage needs for saving money.  Affordability and quality can be found together and shopping online will help a driver find both.

Young Drivers Better Than 30 Somethings at Refraining from Mobile Phones

mobile phone whilst drivingYoung drivers are thought to be the most likely group of drivers to reach for their mobile phones while driving.  It turns out that the data in a study has revealed it is the group of drivers aged 25 to 39 that are the biggest violators of distracted driving involving mobile phone usage.  In the survey conducted by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in the US, it was found that 43 per cent of the adults used their mobile “fairly often” or “regularly” while driving as compared to the young drivers which recorded only 20 per cent doing the same.

Considering that this same age group is likely raising children that will soon be young drivers years from now, it is sad to imagine the example they are setting.  Young drivers are highly influenced by the behaviour behind the wheel of their parents and it is for that reason parents should put down their mobile phones and set them aside for the duration of a journey in the car.

The AAA survey revealed that drivers are being tempted by their mobiles to participate in a dangerous behaviour.  Throughout all age groups of those polled, two out of three drivers had used their mobile phone while driving in the last 30 days.  The survey polled 2,325 licenced drivers.

Researchers reported that as confidence behind the wheel increased the driver was more prone to participate in distracted driving behaviours.  The best way to refrain from using the mobile phone is to simply turn it off so that alerts of a text message or a ringing tone will not be a temptation.

Distracted driving kills.  While mobile phone distracted driving may be practiced by those more experienced behind the wheel than young drivers, it is in their hands that the dangerous behaviour is more deadly.  Young drivers are the most likely to be involved in a fatal accident.  They are the least experienced and prone to risky behaviours.  It is the reason that parents are encouraged by safety experts to continually discuss the need to not text, talk or connect with the Internet through a mobile phone while driving.

Drivers are Looking for Affordable Quality in Car Ownership

new car choiceDrivers in the market to buy are always looking for cars that offer the most desirable features.  In today’s economy, more buyers are searching for the car that will offer longevity on the road and affordability both in terms of operation and maintenance.  While other needs will surface to play a part in narrowing down choices, the final purchase almost always involves affordable quality of a car.

The recent “What Car? Awards Roll of Honour” completed by CAP Automotive offers their viewpoint through specific criteria review for top car choices.  The report revealed the Nissan Qashqai deserving of a place on their list for having the most affordable total cost of ownership with ownership expense gauged at approximately 50p per mile.  The cheapest car to own was awarded by the review to the Hyundai i10 which costs 29p per mile to own.  Criteria included initial expense, forecasted depreciation, fuel consumption, service costs, maintenance expense and road tax.  Expected costs were compiled for forecasted three years and then compared.

Drivers should also take into consideration shopping around when it comes to another cost of keeping a car on the road which is car insurance.  Car insurance for many drivers can be a major expense in keeping a car on the road, especially for young drivers.  Experts suggest that drivers consider telematics car insurance for coverage for the opportunity to save and make car ownership more affordable.  Telematics proves to be a great match for young drivers which can be a welcomed surprise by parents that are often shocked by the high quotes offered to young drivers with standard car insurance policies.  Car insurance experts encourage telematics car insurance because it offers drivers the ability to make an impact on their own risk assessment through safe driving habits which can make car ownership cheaper in the long run over years of paying car insurance.

Renewal Time is Saving Time with Telematics Car Insurance

car insuranceThe changing calendar each year brings new opportunities.  For many drivers it also brings renewal time for their insurance policy.  Drivers are burdened with many expenses each day and car cover is just the beginning.  Maintenance costs as well as the cost of petrol put in the tank each day both add expenses which make it difficult for some to keep their car on the road.  Car cover is required of all drivers and insurance cost must be affordable in order for drivers to weather the storm on the family budget.

Renewal time could mean saving pounds time for many drivers.  A new car insurance product known as telematics pay as you drive car insurance is making it possible for drivers to potentially save money quite simply.  Drivers are saving pounds by driving their car with safety in mind and it is changing the car insurance industry.

Telematics car insurance is becoming popular and an excellent reason for drivers to keep their eyes open when it comes to renewal time of their existing car cover.  Telematics car insurance is a new insurance product which is making drivers form new opinions about what cover is capable of.

Never before has a car insurance product made saving pounds possible.  Telematics car insurance comes with a built-in scheme to help drivers save money by rewarding those who handle their cars with safety.

Slowing down, braking with room in front of the car to spare and cornering with caution are things which could easily lead to drivers being rewarded with discounts applied to future costs.  Drivers must be aware of renewal time and take advantage of it.  It is a perfect time to check out an insurance product like telematics car insurance.

Telematics Car Insurance Brings Cover Purists a Step Forward

telematics car insuranceCar insurance is a required product of all drivers of UK roadways.  It has been around for decades and has come to be relied on for protection and financial support during times of car repair.  Not only do drivers get protection for themselves, but also other drivers who might be involved in a car crash.  Car cover purists have come to appreciate these types of features of car insurance as they have been consistent through the years.

There is now a new type of cover available for not only purists, but also new drivers as well.  It is called telematics pay as you drive car insurance and is turning heads of all drivers throughout the UK.

This new type of cover is completely unique to all other types of cover.  Purists can appreciate telematics car insurance due to its protection and support that traditional car insurance has always offered.  Telematics however offers more.  It offers the protection of old style cover with new benefits to drivers.

Car cover purists are able to reap the benefits of car insurance with added benefits.  Telematics car insurance is an insurance product with punch.  It involves technology which has been available for years, but is just now entering the car insurance industry.

A mobile phone-size device is installed in the interior of the insured car which monitors driving habits.  Habits like acceleration, braking and cornering are monitored for evidence of safely handling a car.  Drivers handling their car with safety receive rewards in the form of discounts which are applied to future monthly car insurance costs.