Car Brands Rule Super Bowl Advertising Lineup

advertising companiesThe Super Bowl is in full swing and while the game is leaning toward the Seattle Seahawks with the team out on top at halftime over Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos, the true winners are the commercials that are playing during the broadcast.  Car advertisements are leading the lineup and the clever marketing teams have been working long and hard to win over the audience.  Some feature romance as a theme while others are going for cute with driving dogs.

Brits feature in the Jaguar advert with a theme of “It’s Good to Be Bad” revealing that often the villain of movies has a British accent.  The reasons offered are all positive with references to Brits being precise, clever, more focused and one step ahead.  The commercial starring several actors including Sir Ben Kingsley reveals that all of them drive Jaguars and offers up the Twitter hashtag of #goodtobebad.

Audi features a disturbingly funny advert with a couple trying to decide between a Doberman dog and a Chihuahua and then considering breeding the dogs to offer up a mixed breed “Dohuahua”.  The result is a dog handler showing the small pocket size dog with an oversized Doberman head in a Kennel Club Show and people encountering the strangely disproportionate dog in daily encounters.  The result is a few laughs but little remembrance of the intended branding.

Cars aren’t the only companies paying top dollar for attention with the Super Bowl audience with Pepsi, Coke, GoDaddy and Budweiser putting up well prepared branding advertisements.  Budweiser will most likely walk away with top ranking of the event with their “Puppy Love” themed commercial.  Doritos opened up their brand to global submissions from film makers everywhere to have the opportunity to compete for the opportunity to have a featured commercial during the Super Bowl as well as a chance for a million dollar prize.  They have two top runners according to social media with one featuring a Time Machine theme and another with a Dorito’s cheese covered finger cleaner submitted by a UK filmmaker.

The halftime show will feature Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers sponsored by Pepsi.


Telematics Car Insurance Makes Case for Safety

young drivers face cost of drivingSafely handling of a car has never been a focal point of car insurers.  They constantly want to keep the amount of claims down, but have never offered a scheme to help drivers accomplish this.  Now however, a new type of car insurance is making the case for safety and the car insurance industry will never be the same.  The latest car insurance product to make waves across the country is known as telematics car insurance.

Telematics pay as you drive car insurance is attracting attention for very specific reasons.  It is enabling drivers to potentially save money based simply on drivers handling their car with safety.  A driver only needs to drive with safety in mind in order to save money.

This is unchartered territory for car insurance.  It is the first time a car insurance product is offering a scheme to aid drivers in saving money.  With telematics car insurance, drivers have a method to proving they are handling their car with safety.  This is done with a small device which is installed in the insured car on or near the dashboard.

The small device monitors driving habits like braking, cornering and acceleration.  Other habits are monitored as well, but these three are quite important to making the case for a driver handling the car with safety.

When the insurer sees the driver handling the car with safety, that driver becomes eligible to receive rewards in the form of discounts applied to future monthly car insurance costs.

The case for safe driving has never been stronger.  Telematics car insurance is making this possible and is easily obtainable online at any time.

Car Color Can Reveal Your Personality

car color equals personality typeWhile young drivers often inherit the older family car and have less influence on the style, color or model of the car they drive, the same cannot be said of the original buyer.  According to a study by the former DuPont Company, now Axalta, the color preference of a car can tell a lot about the buyer.  Axalta Coating Systems is a global car coating business located in car manufacturing city Detroit so they know a lot about color preferences for cars of all types.

The Axalta Automotive Color Popularity Report for 2013 suggested that the type of car chosen by a driver such as a sporty car or a luxury sedan would likely be colored differently.  Sporty cars are more often colorful and meant to stand out such as bright yellow or red while expensive sedans are usually looking to be less flashy and more conservative in popular white or black tones.

White cars are often popular choices for people where the weather is hot.  So color could also divulge where the driver lives as much as their personality type.  White is also seen as a youthful and contemporary color that is seen as a fresh brand color.  Black is seen as a luxury color that evokes a flare of sophistication.  It is a classic color that is considered a popular color by conservative drivers.

Silver is another popular car color and is considered a neutral and modern color that is often chosen by ambitious personalities.  Red is a popular color and with men is seen as powerful while women view the color as fun.  It is definitely a color that is calling for the attention from others.  Blue comes in a wide variety of tones and depending on the particular blue chosen can indicate security and serenity or a bold confidence.

Brown and tans are popular with those that are reserved while yellow is a popular choice for outgoing young drivers.  Green comes in darker hues to light and can indicate conservative choices or a tendency toward environmentalism.

Of course most often there is more to the choice of the car than just the color but there is some truth to choice of color being indicative as to the driver’s current mood, confidence, place of residence and age.  The same can be said of fashion choices, color choice of smartphone and backpacks.  It is likely more important in this day and age whether the car gets good fuel mileage and has a reputation for safety and longevity on the road than whether it comes in bright red or subdued gray.

Snowden Report Reveals Angry Birds Could Be Used for Spying

angry birds for spyingEdward Snowden’s latest report from leaked documents has listed that a smartphone user with simple seamlessly harmless apps on their smartphone could have made themselves an easy target for spying.  While the NSA in a statement noted that they did not have interest in any data that was beyond “valid foreign intelligence targets”, the information has not been easy to digest by the 1.7 billion downloaded users of Angry Birds, nor the social media users that have downloaded apps to access their accounts.

The interception of information offered through apps on smartphones was possible according to Snowden.  While most citizens in the UK and US using gaming apps or social media apps were not subject to NSA spying, it does open up discussion as to the possibility of others doing the same and stealing personal data that could compromise someone’s personal identity and information.

The use of GPS information in smartphones for driving directions, finding points of interest or checking in with social media sites could be as easily compromising to a user as flashing their credit card information to strangers.

Personal information is becoming more difficult to keep private and with digital data usage increasing and smartphones becoming more popular the ability to keep the information safe will become even more of a need to consumers.

While users of Angry Birds and other apps should not panic over lost personal data at this time, it does raise the question as to what our smartphones, GPS systems, car navigational systems, sat navs and tablets are broadcasting about our lives for others to see and receive.

Drivers Encouraged to Avoid Crashes with Routine Tyre Checks

tyre pressure and careDrivers should take caution being in the middle of winter weather and prepare for bad roadways by checking their tyres.  TyreSafe, a tyre safety charity, is encouraging drivers to begin a habit of making monthly checks to their tyre’s condition as far as tread depth and pressure.  Tyres are what keeps a car safely on the road and in winter time the condition of tyres is much more exaggerated as to safe or unsafe operation.

As a tyre becomes worn and the depth of the tread decreases, the tyre surface is flatter across the road and cannot displace water or snow from the road to allow good grip to the surface.  Instead, a flattened and unsafe tread pattern will allow the tyre to skid across the wet surface of a road and the result is an out of control car and a possible accident.  Braking is impossible and steering can make the situation worse when a car is aquaplaning, also called hydroplaning.  To avoid such a situation it is important to make sure tyres are in good shape, inflated to the proper pressure and that tread is adequate enough for the car to travel on safely.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, remarked, “Although floods in many areas are starting to subside, motorists are still faced with a couple of serious tyre-related challenges which can be minimised if they spend a few moments regularly checking their tyres.

“The checks are incredibly easy to make, but they could make the world of difference to your safety on the road.”

Mr. Jackson explained that legally a tyre is operational if it has a minimum depth of 1.6mm but that drivers should consider switching their tyres when they have reached a depth of almost double that at 3mm.  Anything below 3mm will be less safe and this is especially so for drivers less experienced driving in inclement weather such as young drivers.

Online Database Should Positively Affect Car Insurance Cost

telematics car insuranceMinisters have recently made a proclamation regarding the cost of car insurance for UK motorists.  The possibility is becoming apparent that the cost of car insurance could fall by as much as £15 with all driving records being put online.  This move could be complete by the middle of the year 2015.  For the time being, insurers must calculate risk when formulating cost of car insurance policies because they cannot check traffic offence history.

The detail of the online records will be significant.  Every bit of information regarding driving history will be available online.  The ability to check details such as speeding points will be able to be checked by insurers.

Francis Maude, cabinet office minister, recently stated everyone who is currently owner of a driver licence will be able to log on to the database and help will be available to those having difficulty.

Maude commented on the online database for driving records, saying: “This will enable insurers, for example, to price much more accurately, because they will not have to take anything on trust.”

Maude also stated the UK now is the global leader in online information of public services available to the public.

The DVLA commented on the efficiency of the online database, saying: “Although some services cannot be delivered digitally, such as assessing a customer’s fitness to drive, we can improve the processes supporting the delivery of these services through making greater use of digital tools”.

The online database will not only assist insurers but drivers of UK roadways as well.

Young Drivers Burdened by Driving Expenses

savingsYoung drivers on the road are decreasing as the cost of keeping a car on the road is becoming out of reach of their budgets and that of their families.  According to reports, the number of young Scots on the road is the lowest it has been in 10 years and the US reports that not only are there fewer young drivers on the road in the US but fewer are getting licenced that are of age and those driving are doing so less.  In the UK there has been an 18% decrease of young drivers.

Not all have convenient public transportation available which puts them at the mercy of parents driving them from place to place.  It is therefore less likely that the young workforce will stay at levels needed by companies that depend on them.

Government is currently considering proposals to put stricter rules on young drivers in an attempt to keep them safer on the road.  Some of the considerations include a curfew, a longer probationary period, more experience hours on the road and a limit set on peer age passengers allowed in the car.

One major expense for young drivers is that of car insurance.  Experts have encouraged looking into telematics car insurance for coverage to make it more affordable.  There are many benefits available with telematics that can be especially attractive to young drivers and their parents.  Some are the ability to “pay as you drive” which means paying for only the miles needed and topping up if necessary, getting rewards of savings with safe driving habits and parental alerts when an unsafe driving event occurs.

Parents are also encouraged to help young drivers plan out journeys to save on fuel consumption and to teach them proper car maintenance to keep major repairs to a minimum and keep their car working longer.