Telematics Car Insurance Makes Miles Affordable

car insurance costCar insurance is not inexpensive for any driver.  It is an expense which drivers pay for every month and is required for driving on any UK roadway.  A new car insurance product is taking the country by storm and is growing in popularity each week.  The latest car insurance product to attract the attention of drivers is known as telematics pay as you drive car insurance.  It is the first car insurance product which allows drivers to pay for only the miles they estimate to need in the coming months.

Drivers are becoming more fond of telematics car insurance each week.  They are able to do something with this new car insurance that is completely unique.  It is known as pay as you drive.  This scheme allows drivers to only pay for the miles which they believe they will drive in the coming months.  This is an excellent way to buy car insurance and save money at the same time.

Car insurance is not an inexpensive part of getting behind the wheel.  Pay as you drive car insurance allows drivers to pay for a set amount and benefit the family budget as well.  As miles get close to expiring, drivers are able to top up like topping up minutes on a mobile phone.

Telematics car insurance can benefit every driver and is attracting drivers from many age groups.  Whether drivers are simply going to school and home or traveling to a place of employment, they are seeing benefits which have never been seen before.

Telematics car insurance is making cover more affordable for all types of drivers, regardless of age.


Car Color Can Reveal Your Personality

car color equals personality typeWhile young drivers often inherit the older family car and have less influence on the style, color or model of the car they drive, the same cannot be said of the original buyer.  According to a study by the former DuPont Company, now Axalta, the color preference of a car can tell a lot about the buyer.  Axalta Coating Systems is a global car coating business located in car manufacturing city Detroit so they know a lot about color preferences for cars of all types.

The Axalta Automotive Color Popularity Report for 2013 suggested that the type of car chosen by a driver such as a sporty car or a luxury sedan would likely be colored differently.  Sporty cars are more often colorful and meant to stand out such as bright yellow or red while expensive sedans are usually looking to be less flashy and more conservative in popular white or black tones.

White cars are often popular choices for people where the weather is hot.  So color could also divulge where the driver lives as much as their personality type.  White is also seen as a youthful and contemporary color that is seen as a fresh brand color.  Black is seen as a luxury color that evokes a flare of sophistication.  It is a classic color that is considered a popular color by conservative drivers.

Silver is another popular car color and is considered a neutral and modern color that is often chosen by ambitious personalities.  Red is a popular color and with men is seen as powerful while women view the color as fun.  It is definitely a color that is calling for the attention from others.  Blue comes in a wide variety of tones and depending on the particular blue chosen can indicate security and serenity or a bold confidence.

Brown and tans are popular with those that are reserved while yellow is a popular choice for outgoing young drivers.  Green comes in darker hues to light and can indicate conservative choices or a tendency toward environmentalism.

Of course most often there is more to the choice of the car than just the color but there is some truth to choice of color being indicative as to the driver’s current mood, confidence, place of residence and age.  The same can be said of fashion choices, color choice of smartphone and backpacks.  It is likely more important in this day and age whether the car gets good fuel mileage and has a reputation for safety and longevity on the road than whether it comes in bright red or subdued gray.

Don’t Fear the Car Insurance Policy Switch Embrace It

young driverDrivers often have a mental as well as emotional block when it comes to consideration of a car insurance policy switch.  However, that block could be costing them money.  It is a common behaviour to exhibit loyalty to certain products and services, but when the same can be found elsewhere at a more affordable cost of equal quality if not better, then why not switch?

Car insurance experts suggest that renewal time be a key point in time in which a driver should consider a switch.  Renewals often are accompanied by an increase in the premiums and therefore shopping around could offer an opportunity for saving money.  Due to the fact that average car insurance policy costs have fallen in the last year, those paying at last year’s rates or even the year before, could find that rates offered now are much cheaper.

Telematics car insurance is a good place to start if the driver is a safe driver.  Most telematics car insurance providers offer discounts for safe driving habits.  There are others that offer substantial savings for low mileage.  Shopping through the telematics policy offerings will help a driver discover the best choice for their coverage needs.

Online shopping for car insurance is simple as it can be done any time of day at the convenience of the driver.  Quotes can be requested, comparisons easily done and a policy quickly purchased online.  Drivers can choose to have the policy start at their preferred date and they can print required paperwork on their own printer or allow paperwork to remain stored online.

Those interested in saving money with telematics car insurance can also purchase online as they are offered a grace period to allow the professional installation of the associated GPS unit used for data collection with the insurance product.  The provider will usually coordinate with a professional installer to do the installation at the driver’s workplace or home.

Shopping online for car insurance is so simplified and quick that drivers should not fear the process of making a switch.  Loyalty should be shed as a new policy could offer savings and perhaps a new policy that better matches the driver’s current coverage needs.  Don’t fear a car insurance policy switch but rather embrace it and perhaps benefit greatly by doing so.

Insurance Claims for Holiday Storm Damage Exceed Expectations

holiday storm damage claimsCar insurance claims for storm damage and flooding that occurred over the Christmas and New Year holidays have hit an unexpected level much higher than first thought.  The Association of British Insurers has estimated that all insurance claims, including home, car and businesses, currently submitted equal £426 million and more are expected to arrive.  The UK experienced bad weather with heavy rain, flooding and strong winds between 23 December and 8 January.

Community areas are also experiencing higher than expected expenses to correct damages from the storms.  Roads are in need of repair as are some public buildings and areas.

The probable end result claim payouts will not make the Holiday Storms the most costly but in terms of cost it could end up on a short list of the costliest.

Aidan Kerr, ABI assistant director, said, “Insurers are playing a crucial role in helping customers affected by the storms and floods recover.

“Together with loss adjusters, insurers reacted quickly to help flood victims get through Christmas. Insurers will continue to work closely with customers to ensure the repair process is completed as soon as possible.

“This was a traumatic event for those affected, and shows the importance of having adequate property insurance. The insurance industry is fully prepared to deal with the damage caused by bad weather like this.”

Unexpected events as well as unexpected accidents can interrupt daily life.  Insurance serves as a safety net to keep those impacted from experiencing difficult financial situations.  Only through quality insurance coverage can a person have peace of mind.  Car insurance offers drivers the peace of mind that they will be protected financially and drivers should seek out a policy that offers the best match of needed coverage.

Young Drivers Better Than 30 Somethings at Refraining from Mobile Phones

mobile phone whilst drivingYoung drivers are thought to be the most likely group of drivers to reach for their mobile phones while driving.  It turns out that the data in a study has revealed it is the group of drivers aged 25 to 39 that are the biggest violators of distracted driving involving mobile phone usage.  In the survey conducted by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in the US, it was found that 43 per cent of the adults used their mobile “fairly often” or “regularly” while driving as compared to the young drivers which recorded only 20 per cent doing the same.

Considering that this same age group is likely raising children that will soon be young drivers years from now, it is sad to imagine the example they are setting.  Young drivers are highly influenced by the behaviour behind the wheel of their parents and it is for that reason parents should put down their mobile phones and set them aside for the duration of a journey in the car.

The AAA survey revealed that drivers are being tempted by their mobiles to participate in a dangerous behaviour.  Throughout all age groups of those polled, two out of three drivers had used their mobile phone while driving in the last 30 days.  The survey polled 2,325 licenced drivers.

Researchers reported that as confidence behind the wheel increased the driver was more prone to participate in distracted driving behaviours.  The best way to refrain from using the mobile phone is to simply turn it off so that alerts of a text message or a ringing tone will not be a temptation.

Distracted driving kills.  While mobile phone distracted driving may be practiced by those more experienced behind the wheel than young drivers, it is in their hands that the dangerous behaviour is more deadly.  Young drivers are the most likely to be involved in a fatal accident.  They are the least experienced and prone to risky behaviours.  It is the reason that parents are encouraged by safety experts to continually discuss the need to not text, talk or connect with the Internet through a mobile phone while driving.

Drivers are Looking for Affordable Quality in Car Ownership

new car choiceDrivers in the market to buy are always looking for cars that offer the most desirable features.  In today’s economy, more buyers are searching for the car that will offer longevity on the road and affordability both in terms of operation and maintenance.  While other needs will surface to play a part in narrowing down choices, the final purchase almost always involves affordable quality of a car.

The recent “What Car? Awards Roll of Honour” completed by CAP Automotive offers their viewpoint through specific criteria review for top car choices.  The report revealed the Nissan Qashqai deserving of a place on their list for having the most affordable total cost of ownership with ownership expense gauged at approximately 50p per mile.  The cheapest car to own was awarded by the review to the Hyundai i10 which costs 29p per mile to own.  Criteria included initial expense, forecasted depreciation, fuel consumption, service costs, maintenance expense and road tax.  Expected costs were compiled for forecasted three years and then compared.

Drivers should also take into consideration shopping around when it comes to another cost of keeping a car on the road which is car insurance.  Car insurance for many drivers can be a major expense in keeping a car on the road, especially for young drivers.  Experts suggest that drivers consider telematics car insurance for coverage for the opportunity to save and make car ownership more affordable.  Telematics proves to be a great match for young drivers which can be a welcomed surprise by parents that are often shocked by the high quotes offered to young drivers with standard car insurance policies.  Car insurance experts encourage telematics car insurance because it offers drivers the ability to make an impact on their own risk assessment through safe driving habits which can make car ownership cheaper in the long run over years of paying car insurance.

Car Insurance Providers Competing for Drivers Produces Great Rates

save car insuranceCar insurance providers have been involved in a price war in an effort to pull drivers toward their products.  According to AA, the average cost of a year’s comprehensive coverage is £533 which is a reduction of 14.1% from last year’s £621.  The last three months have resulted in a decline of 4.6% in the cost of coverage.  Declines in car insurance premiums are the result of efforts to decrease false claims of which many are bogus whiplash claims.

The AA Insurance Premium Index published annually revealed that London drivers pay the most in car insurance while Scotland drivers are offered the cheapest car insurance rates.

Young drivers have also benefitted from the declines in car insurance with those aged 17-22 years old experiencing an average decline of 5.4% in the last three months as comprehensive coverage for a year fell to an average of £1,187.  Senior drivers averaged a decline of 4.1% in their car insurance quotes.  AA averages are found by averaging the lowest five quotes found on the market.

While currently better rates are to be found in comparison to a year ago, the competition will likely soon level out.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance remarked, “It’s as if premiums are on a helter-skelter slide. I fear that the downward spiral will end with a bump.  And while I expect the falls to continue at a slower rate over the first quarter of this year, I think they will then level off.  But my biggest fear is that if the falls are too great, premiums will bounce sharply up again later in the year.  That would not be good for the reputation of the industry.”

Experts have long encouraged drivers to shop around when renewal time occurs.  This would especially be true for those that bought their current policy in the last few years for they are paying rates that were quoted during peak pricing periods.  Telematics car insurance is a good place to start for those looking for quality coverage at a more affordable rate, including young drivers that will find the product especially beneficial.