Drivers Less Safe in Popular India Built Cars According to Crash Tests

crash testDrivers choosing popular small cars built in India are less safe than they should be according to a study by UK based safety watchdog Global NCAP.  The tests concluded that if the five cars tested that failed their crash tests were involved in an accident that the occupants inside were in risk of serious injuries or a fatal injury.

The car safety test by Global NCAP involved five popular models including the Suzuki-Maruti Alto 800, the Tata Nano, Ford Figo, Hyundai i10 and the Volkswagen Polo.  The Tata Nano is the world’s cheapest car.  The five models account for 20% of all sales in India last year.

The cars were apparently made cheaper for manufacturing by removing many of the safety features that would be found in other car models by the same manufacturers.  None of the five models were fitted in manufacturing with airbags that would be standard on most models in Europe, Canada and America.

Max Mosley, head of NCAP Global, said, “It’s worrying to see levels of safety that are 20 years behind the five-star standards now common in Europe and North America.

“Poor structural integrity and the absence of airbags are putting the lives of Indian consumers at risk. They have a right to know how safe their vehicles are and to expect the same basic levels of safety as standard as customers in other part of the world.”

Young drivers are the most likely to be involved in a car accident within the first year of their driving solo.  It is this reason that they should be behind the wheel of the safest car possible.  Parents are encouraged by safety experts to look for cars that have safety features when choosing one for their young driver.


Car Color Can Reveal Your Personality

car color equals personality typeWhile young drivers often inherit the older family car and have less influence on the style, color or model of the car they drive, the same cannot be said of the original buyer.  According to a study by the former DuPont Company, now Axalta, the color preference of a car can tell a lot about the buyer.  Axalta Coating Systems is a global car coating business located in car manufacturing city Detroit so they know a lot about color preferences for cars of all types.

The Axalta Automotive Color Popularity Report for 2013 suggested that the type of car chosen by a driver such as a sporty car or a luxury sedan would likely be colored differently.  Sporty cars are more often colorful and meant to stand out such as bright yellow or red while expensive sedans are usually looking to be less flashy and more conservative in popular white or black tones.

White cars are often popular choices for people where the weather is hot.  So color could also divulge where the driver lives as much as their personality type.  White is also seen as a youthful and contemporary color that is seen as a fresh brand color.  Black is seen as a luxury color that evokes a flare of sophistication.  It is a classic color that is considered a popular color by conservative drivers.

Silver is another popular car color and is considered a neutral and modern color that is often chosen by ambitious personalities.  Red is a popular color and with men is seen as powerful while women view the color as fun.  It is definitely a color that is calling for the attention from others.  Blue comes in a wide variety of tones and depending on the particular blue chosen can indicate security and serenity or a bold confidence.

Brown and tans are popular with those that are reserved while yellow is a popular choice for outgoing young drivers.  Green comes in darker hues to light and can indicate conservative choices or a tendency toward environmentalism.

Of course most often there is more to the choice of the car than just the color but there is some truth to choice of color being indicative as to the driver’s current mood, confidence, place of residence and age.  The same can be said of fashion choices, color choice of smartphone and backpacks.  It is likely more important in this day and age whether the car gets good fuel mileage and has a reputation for safety and longevity on the road than whether it comes in bright red or subdued gray.

Determined to Text and Drive then Know the Risks

texting and drivingDrivers that are determined to drive while texting should be aware of the risk they are taking when driving distracted.  Not only is a driver that participates in such behaviour likely over confident of their own driving ability and multi-tasking skills but they are also likely to be unaware of what taking their eyes off of the road can do in just a few seconds.

According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, when a driver texts and drives they take their eyes off the road for five seconds.  When traveling at 55 mph those five seconds will have taken the driver down the road by more than 100 yards without their eyes on the road.  That is a long distance without viewing the actions of other cars, cyclists, pedestrians, wild animals, and other possible situations that would require a reaction from the driver.

Text messaging while driving increases the driver’s chance of being involved in an accident by more than 20 times.  If the vehicle is a heavy vehicle or truck then the increase rises to more than 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash.

Texting while driving is now the leading cause of death for teen aged drivers.

There is not a message to read or to be sent that is worth the risk of losing a life or causing the loss of one.  Rather than be tempted, it is best to turn off the mobile phone while driving.  Once the journey is over the driver can turn the mobile phone back on and respond to any waiting messages or calls.  Turing off the mobile phone sets a good example for young drivers and those that will be driving in the years ahead and better yet it could also save their life.

Telematics Car Insurance and Young Drivers Could Bond

telematics car insuranceYoung drivers are in need of a special type of car insurance.  They are and more than likely will continue to be the most car crash prone group of drivers on the roadways of the UK.  For this reason car insurance is important.  It is not however the most important reason for them to drive around with a special type of insurance.  The biggest reason is the benefit a special type of car insurance like telematics car insurance could provide.  Young drivers could bond with telematics car insurance for a few reasons but one in particular, safety.

Young drivers are naturally more aggressive, more impatient and faster drivers than other drivers.  They have a tendency to take more chances than the normal driver.  They also are easily distracted by things other than keeping their eyes and mind on the road ahead.  All these factors can combine to form a risky time on the road.

A unique type of car insurance like telematics car insurance is an insurance which could provide all young drivers with the incentive to want to drive with more safety in mind.  It has the potential to provide a means to save money on the cost of the monthly premium.

Telematics involves a device which is mounted on or near the dashboard and monitors driving habits.  Habits like speed, braking and cornering are noted for the driver to display safe handling of the car.  Once a driver proves to be a safe driver they become eligible to receive rewards in the form of discounts to future insurance costs.

Young drivers need incentives like telematics car insurance and a tool to help save money they can bond with.  Reliable insurance which offers more has been needed within the car insurance community for years.

Drivers Need to Check Tyre Quality Monthly or Face Out of Control Car

driving with distractionsDrivers need to check their tyres every month to assure they are safe.  Since tyres and their ability to stay connected to the roadway are what keeps a driver in control of the car it would seem that a quality check would be a constant but it is not.  Many drivers go day after day unaware if their tyres are properly filled to the correct pressure and if the tread pattern is deep enough to provide safe traction.

Tyres that are functioning properly are especially important when rain, snow or ice covered roads could be encountered.

Kicking a tyre is not enough to tell the driver if the tyre is in good shape.  The only way to tell if the pressure is correct for the tyre’s build is to check it with a tyre air pressure gauge.  It is an inexpensive device that can be applied to the tyre to give a quick and adequate measurement of the tyre’s pressure level.  Then if needed more air can be put into the tyre to get it to an adequate level according to the manufacturer’s suggested level.

The depth of the tread on the tyre can be tested by a professional usually for free.  There are inexpensive tyre tread gauges that can be purchased at an auto specialty store that can be inserted into the tread base to test the depth and determine if new tyres are needed.  A quick way to determine the tyre’s tread depth is to insert a 20p coin into the tread.  If any part of the coin sticks above the tread then the tyre is not at a legal tread depth.

Drivers found to have two or more tyres that are not legally fit to be on a car face a substantial fine.  More so than the possible fine threat, drivers should seek to be safe on the road.

Telematics Car Insurance Levels the Playing Field for Poor Drivers

telematics levels the playing fieldDrivers with a poor driving record are at a disadvantage in regard to coming costs associated with car insurance.  Insurers have to protect themselves because the increased possibility of having to cover a cost due to causing a car crash is much higher with a driver of poor driving record.  A new type of car insurance is leveling the playing field between drivers with good driving records and those without such a good driving record.  The new insurance product is known as telematics pay as you drive car insurance.

Leveling the playing field is something poor drivers have been hoping for.  The possibility of paying lower car insurance cost is something which gives poor drivers hope for tomorrow.  Now a car insurance product is able to give opportunities to those who find driving difficult.  It is telematics car insurance.

The key to telematics being able to offer a potentially lower cost is the small device which is installed in the insured car.  The device is capable of several things, but the most important thing is monitoring driving habits.  Habits like speed, braking and cornering are monitored for the presence of safety.  The device also notes the time of day or night the car is being driven.  It also is able to track the types of roads the car is being driven on.

Few things can change the outlook of a poor driver more than a chance to level the playing field with good drivers.  Telematics car insurance makes it possible for poor drivers to keep the cost associated with car insurance as low as possible.

Drive to the Holiday Get Away and Save Money

telematics car insuranceDriving to the holiday destination of your choice, if possible, could offer you a substantial savings that can be put toward special dining, shopping or attending an event.  Flying may be faster from point A to point B but combining the drive to and from airports, the wait in lines at check in, waiting for baggage and a rental car it might not be such a burden on time at all.  It might be less taxing on the body as well with the number of holiday flyers that a person would have to contend with when choosing to fly rather than drive.

There are ways to make the drive more fun than just loading up the family car and that is to rent a car for the journey.  Getting a roomier car or one that will better handle winter weather could help the family or friends better handle a longer time before arriving at the destination.

Planning for designated stops along the way that will involve dining, taking in a historic tour or staying overnight to keep the driver from becoming too weary at the wheel will make the journey on land versus air a better choice.

When planning out the journey do some research on the driving laws in another country should the trip involve driving out of the UK.  There are laws in other countries that involve such things as having an extra pair of glasses available if the driver uses corrective lenses.  Such small rules overlooked could cause undo stress if the driver is stopped for not abiding by local driving laws.  A quick review online will help to keep things going smoothly with knowledge of local driving laws in the areas traveled.

Another check should be done with the driver’s car insurance provider.  If the journey will be taking everyone outside the UK, then the driver should assure they are covered with insurance for driving outside the UK.  If the journey will involve renting a car then an inquiry should be made as to whether coverage is provided by the driver’s current car insurance policy.  In both cases, a supplemental policy could be purchased.

Driving versus flying over the coming weeks could prove to be a better choice for many reasons including cost savings and less stress in dealing with long lines, delays and extra travelers at the airport.