Car Brands Rule Super Bowl Advertising Lineup

advertising companiesThe Super Bowl is in full swing and while the game is leaning toward the Seattle Seahawks with the team out on top at halftime over Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos, the true winners are the commercials that are playing during the broadcast.  Car advertisements are leading the lineup and the clever marketing teams have been working long and hard to win over the audience.  Some feature romance as a theme while others are going for cute with driving dogs.

Brits feature in the Jaguar advert with a theme of “It’s Good to Be Bad” revealing that often the villain of movies has a British accent.  The reasons offered are all positive with references to Brits being precise, clever, more focused and one step ahead.  The commercial starring several actors including Sir Ben Kingsley reveals that all of them drive Jaguars and offers up the Twitter hashtag of #goodtobebad.

Audi features a disturbingly funny advert with a couple trying to decide between a Doberman dog and a Chihuahua and then considering breeding the dogs to offer up a mixed breed “Dohuahua”.  The result is a dog handler showing the small pocket size dog with an oversized Doberman head in a Kennel Club Show and people encountering the strangely disproportionate dog in daily encounters.  The result is a few laughs but little remembrance of the intended branding.

Cars aren’t the only companies paying top dollar for attention with the Super Bowl audience with Pepsi, Coke, GoDaddy and Budweiser putting up well prepared branding advertisements.  Budweiser will most likely walk away with top ranking of the event with their “Puppy Love” themed commercial.  Doritos opened up their brand to global submissions from film makers everywhere to have the opportunity to compete for the opportunity to have a featured commercial during the Super Bowl as well as a chance for a million dollar prize.  They have two top runners according to social media with one featuring a Time Machine theme and another with a Dorito’s cheese covered finger cleaner submitted by a UK filmmaker.

The halftime show will feature Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers sponsored by Pepsi.