What are your car cleaning tips? Here are some of ours.

Depositphotos_8282348_s We all pick up little tips about things like car cleaning, and here are some of ours.

First, avoid going in car washes where you drive through a tunnel of rotating brushes. The brushes pick up all sorts of grit and junk which causes tiny scratches to your paint.

Second, some hand car washes can cause paint problems too. Not all, but some, especially later in the day when their sponges have accumulated a day’s worth of micro-grit, and the wash buckets have a layer of grit and gravel at the bottom.

So if you’re getting your car handwashed, do it on the way into work, rather than on the way home, and if you’re particularly proud of your car, then even carry your own sponges around to give to the hand car wash guys …

If you wash your own car, then when you do, firstly, always use a proper car shampoo. Washing-up liquid has chemicals and additives which remove some of the protective wax elements of your car’s paint.

Depositphotos_21428599_sIt may sound like an extravagance, but only use a car washing sponge a couple of times – again because of the grit issue. Most big stores will sell car wash sponges for 50p or less.

When you do wash your car, start at the bottom and work up. First, hose the heavier dirt that collects along the bottom of the car to loosen and soften it. Then sponge only about a foot or so above the sill, removing the heavier road grime along the sills and round the wheel arches taking greater care to squeeze out your sponge when dipping it in soapy water. Ideally, use one sponge for the heavy stuff on the lower body panels, and another for the rest of the car.

What little tips do you have for making car cleaning easier, and avoiding risking damage to your car..?