Teens Switching from Facebook and from Standard Car Insurance

facebookTelematics is changing how teens drive and communicate.  Telematics in general could be easily defined as the blending of wireless telecommunications with computers or computer based devices with the goal to exchange information over networks to improve function.  Telematics car insurance is the car insurance product that is popular with young drivers and many are switching to it from standard car insurance.  It uses a GPS based unit installed into the car to communicate driver data to the provider for risk assessment.  The product allows young drivers to prove they are safe drivers and to be judged individually for their premium costs versus being judged by a demographic group.  While the car insurance product has many benefits, it is popular also for the ability for young drivers to express their own responsibility level at driving safely to gain financial discounts as a reward for that decision.

While telematics is changing how young drivers buy and use car insurance it is also changing how they communicate.  Rather than simply posting to big social media network Facebook, more are switching to Twitter or to instant messaging networks such as Snapchat.  According to iStrategy Labs, a digital consultancy group, over 11 million fewer teenagers and college students were using Facebook in 2012 than compared to 2011.  It is thought that the numbers are still dropping at a steady and surprising rate.  They have left to sites that allow them more control and input into how they communicate.  Unafraid to share information and grasp the change in social communications they still want to impact the way that they exchange photos and info.  Snapchat allows the instant and full deletion of photos which isn’t allowed in Facebook.  Teens stated that the other quicker and shorter informational exchange networks had less drama.

Telematics is changing much about how the world operates and how people function and communicate.  When it comes to telematics insurance, the benefits, savings and opportunities for more individualized coverage and risk assessment is exciting.  It is becoming more popular and more competitive which offers consumers better rates and better options.

As advancements are made consumers will find that switching is easy, quick and can offer new opportunities for more impact whether it is in how pictures are shared in a social network or how one is assessed for risk and policy pricing when it comes to insurance.

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